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So you meet a wonderful guy or girl. Perhaps you have an immediate connection, exchange numbers and then schedule a date night. The date goes great -or so you think. Then somehow you never receive another call from them again. Yes, it may be them and perhaps it was for the better.

However, if this seems to always be the story, it's time to assess whether or not you may have any behaviors which inhibit your love interest from furthering your connection.

Bad Dating Habit Number One - You Take 'Eye Contact' too Far.

Sure, eye contact is a good thing. It's one of the top communication skills you should have in order to be friendly and approachable. That said, it shouldn't be taken to the opposite extreme, which would be staring. Staring is scaring. Staring can make you appear overly clingy, or even creepy. Keep this in mind when you meet someone - especially if you're very attracted to them visually.

Bad Dating Habit Number Two - Not Shutting Up.

It's very important to be yourself and let your date in on some basics about yourself. The problem is when you keep talking. And talking. And talking more. It's extremely vital that you ask questions and show interest in them as well. If you go on blabbing all about your interests and achievements, you will come across as a self-absorbed prick. Unfortunately if this is a consistent habit of yours, you may as well be one. Do not be dismayed though, you can (and should) change this habit beginning now. Ask yourself, "If he/she didn't show interest or care in me would I have called them back either?" Didn't think so.

Bad Dating Habit Number Three - Hitting the Cocktails too Hard.

You should never have more than one or two drinks on a date - maximum. It is really simple, but some seem to have trouble following this rule. How is the person you're interested in supposed to get to know you well if you are intoxicated? Even if you aren't plastered, the alcohol will still affect you and your interaction with your date. You need to put your best self forward and if you can't follow this rule, don't expect excellent results.

Bad Dating Habit Number Four - Wandering Eyes.

Whether it's out of nervousness or lust, you can't allow your eyes to move all over the room. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, if your date sees your eyes everywhere but on them it's a clear indicator you're not interested or you are up for the next best thing when it comes along. Be fair to the person you're spending time with and don't let your eyes wander, lest you risk ruining an otherwise perfect date.

Bad Dating Habit Number Five - Being Physically or Verbally Creepy.

If you make too many sexual references either physically or verbally it can be a real turn off on a first date. Save that stuff for a later on down the line when you have a full-fledged commitment. It's imperative you convey that you are interested in your date's personality and interests, not simply their body. If that is all you're looking for, then why are you dating? Dates are essentially interviews for something more long term, not one-time sexual hookups. Don't forget that if you kiss at the end of the night that can also be taken too far. It's been said that you can learn a lot by how someone kisses you on your first date. Thus, you must be careful that it doesn't portray 'desperate' or 'sexually crazed' or it may very well turn your date off, resulting in them writing you off forever.

Bad Dating Habit Number Six - Talking About Things too Personal.

The first date should be light and fun. This means you should share your interests and see what you both have in common. A few things you should NOT discuss would be past relationships, sexual history, how much you want kids, devastating family secrets, how much money either of you make or discussing things you loathe. Things which are good to talk about are what activities you enjoy, favorite music, movies, sports, hobbies and the like. It is acceptable to discuss your religious background, especially if it's important to you and if it is comfortable to do so. Don't use your first date to complain about anything. Keep everything positive.

Bad Dating Habit Number Seven - Not Calling to Thank Them for the Good Time.

If the date went well and you had fun, it's very important to call and thank your date. This is especially critical if they paid for you. It's rude to ignore someone who went out of their way to show you a good time. It also shows a lack of interest overall if you simply wait to be contacted again. This goes for ladies and gentlemen.

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