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Правила соревнований в дисциплине Puck Collect RobotChallenge Вена источник)

Собирание шайб это соревнование 2х роботов по следующим правилам. Каждый робот перед началом соревнования получает свой Цвет(красный или синий) и занимает базу соответствующего цвета. Цель соревнования переместить все шайбы родного цвета к себе на базу за 3 минуты.

Игровое поле белого цвета размером 280 cm x 280 cm (изменение с 2009), ограничено зеленым(RAL 6032 "Signal green") бардюром 10 cm. Две базы 70x70 cm big home bases (red - RAL 3000 "Flame red", blue - RAL 5010 "Gentian blue") are positioned in opposing corners of the field. The remaining part of the field is white and the neutral zone. Ten pucks of each colour are spread randomly in the neutral zone. The pucks are wooden disks in the size of a tea light ( 4 cm diameter, 1.7 cm height) with slightly polished edges.

Two robots compete. Each robot gets a colour (red or blue) and starts at his home base (field coloured in his assigned colour). The aim of this competition is to carry all pucks of your assigned colour to your home base. If a robot carries all pucks of his assigned colour to his home base, he wins the game. If no robot manages to do this after 3 minutes, the game will be stopped ("time-out"). In case of a "time-out" the robot which has carried more pucks of his colour to his home base, wins the game.

If the game is played in tournament mode (everyone vs. everyone), a draw is possible. A win brings 3 points, whereas a draw brings 1 point, like in football. In the KO-system there has to be a winner. If both robots collected the same amount of pucks, the robot which has scored first wins the game.

If a robot carries one of his pucks to the foreign home base and leaves it there, the puck will be taken out of the game by the referee. ("red card"). If a robot carries a foreign puck to his own home base and leaves it there, the referee puts this puck into the opposing home base ("own goal").

The robot may not exceed 50cm in length and width.

The General Rules apply as well. Puck Collect: When is a puck counted as "on the home base"?

Basically, every puck is counted which is situated unmoved and in its entirety anywhere in the airspace above the homebase. Therefore pucks need not to be unloaded. During the match the special rules "red card" and "own goal" are applied for pucks only which lie unmoved and in its entirety direct on the red respectively blue plate. At the end ot the match "red card" and "own goal" are also applied for pucks which are situated unmoved and in their entirety anywhere in the airspace above the homebase.